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If you are an independent artist, we will get your music on online and offline radio stations, with no commitments and complete free of charge. If you released your music under Creative Commons (or any other license), we will expand your audience and on top pay you for streaming your music. offers free promotional services to artists whose music is not represented by any of the Permorfmance Righs Organizations and their partners worldwide. Consequently, it is easier to work with music creators and performers who do not belong to a record label, since the majority of the recording companies already has deals in place with the Collective Management Organizations, forcing musicians to grant their rights to existing royalty collecting societies.

The cooperation of creators and performers with is non-exclusive. The copyrights to the lyrics and music, as well as any related rights for performing, are kept with their original owners and are not transferred permanently to us .

Through our cooperation with radio stations across the globe, your music will be streamed directly to businesses everywhere. Apart from participating in our playlists, you are welcome on air for interviews and a series of other promotional events. Our aim is to share your music with the largest possible audience.

Discover the Creative Commons CC-BY-ND License

CcbyND stands for CC-BY-ND, which is the default creative commons license our parent company has chosen for most of our collaborations with artists worldwide. If you are an upcoming artist, this is the best license to get your early work known.

CC-BY-ND means:

a) It is a creative commons license,

b) Attribution must be given to the artist, which is the mail goal of this website, to get you discovered by more fans,

c) No Derivatives allowed, which means you do not allow anyone to redistribute your music modified.

We believe that the CC-BY-ND license might be the most “closed” license of all the creative commons licenses, but at the same time, it is the best suitable for new artists, since it safeguards your precious work against plagiarism.

Share your music witht the world and earn money with any license

Even if you are not considering releasing your music under a Creative Commons license, still you can use our free services to get your creative work heard across the globe and at the same time earn money for your effort, selling your music to new fans. and its parent company offer you the opportunity to share your music with your future fans with:

  • a non-exclusive agreement in which you just give us the right to broadcast your music in public spaces or
  • an exclusive contract if you want us to take care of marketing and distribution to digital shops like iTunes, Amazon, Napster, Google Play completely free of charge (only for exclusive collaborations).
  • any kind of Creative Commons license.
  • any other deal you want to propose to us.